Guitar Songs Your Friends Will Love To Hear You Play

Guitar Songs

There are lots of great guitar songs to be learned, and here at RiffNinja we’ve got many of them!

One of the problems with learning guitar songs from tab on many of the free sites available online, is that the tab has been hastily put together by someone who doesn’t really understand how the song should be played. Some tabs are great of course; however in our experience many of them are lacking.

For that reason, we prefer using video to teach guitar songs, as you can both see and hear at the same time what the song is supposed to sound like. In many cases, there are so many versions of a song that there is no “one way” to play the song on guitar; for that reason some of these guitar songs have alternative ways to play different portions of the song.

If some of the songs you find on this page are too difficult for you, you might like to checkout our selection of easy guitar songs first.

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