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Up Around The Bend (CCR) Guitar Chords

This lesson will teach you the chords and rhythm of the song Up Around The Bend by CCR and John Fogerty. John Fogerty is a great song writer, and an amazing guitar player.  There is a separate lesson that teaches the introduction to Up Around The Bend.  This can be found at Up Around The Bend Intro.

Up Around The Bend is in the key of D and built on three chords D (I), G (IV), and A (V).

The verse goes between the D and A chords. John Fogerty uses a two string chord that replaces the full chord.  The fifth and fourth strings together make the perfect fifth, and you can add the major sixth with your pinkie (two frets above your I and V).  The song Up Around The Bend uses all down strokes for strumming.  A down up pattern doesn’t feel quite the same way. This song is also slightly muted.

You can cheat and play just the I and V, without the major sixth.  The D and the A are the same fingering, just on the A you have to move to the 6th and 5th strings.

The shuffle pattern used in this song is found all over the place, so it’s a good one to learn.

The chorus goes G (IV), D (I), A (IV).  You can play the chords as bar chords if you want; open chords work just as well.

When you put Up Around The Bend together, you will want to build on the last A to go from the chorus back into the verse again.

This is one of those great guitar songs – have fun with it!

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