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Bad Moon Arising – Guitar Lesson (Lead)

This lesson will teach you how to play the guitar lead for Bad Moon Arising by John Fogerty and CCR. It is really important to know the chord progression first, which is in the lesson Bad Moon Arising Chords.

It is necessary to know the chord progression (D, A, G, D) because the lead line follows it in what is called a chord triad – a three note chord. ┬áIn this lesson we will take the F bar chord and dissect it down to use just the bottom three notes. Move that on up to G and you create a G triad. Keep going, and you get an A triad and a D triad. Just follow the chord progression with your triads. It is also fun to add a D major 6 in the solo. This may take a little practice to get down, but once you do, play around and create your own riffs!

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Michael McDermott Reply

You don’t really explain the strum pattern or show close ups, do your lessons show these? Thanks

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