Guitar Riffs From The Riff Ninja!

Guitar Riffs

guitar riffsAs soon as you’ve got a guitar scale under your belt, the next step is to learn some guitar riffs!

Guitar riffs could be compared to the words that guitar players use to communicate – little snippets of music that can express a certain idea or feeling, and that can be re-arranged in all kinds of different ways depending on your mood at that particular moment.

Most guitar licks (we’ll be using the term licks and riffs interchangeably) can be played on either the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar, although of course you’ll end up with different sounds on both. If your acoustic guitar is setup correctly, you’d be surprised at what can be accomplished!

Before you get started digging into these guitar riffs, make sure you’re at least familiar with a guitar scale or two. If you need a refresher, or are looking for new ideas, checkout our section on guitar scales.

Every guitar riff that has ever existed is derived from a guitar scale, so you really can’t expect to learn licks and riffs without first taking the time to learn the scale. That’s putting the cart before the horse!

Well, if the RIFF Ninja didn’t have any riffs to offer, it would be a strange world indeed, wouldn’t it? Thankfully, riffs are one thing we’re never short on here at Check it out:

Guitar Riffs: