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Stevie Ray Vaughan Inspired Licks #2

This lesson is inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan. There probably won’t be a guitar player like him ever again; he’s influenced a lot of guitar players.

Stevie really liked the open E pentatonic minor scale and the extended scale. You can hear the open scales in the way he plays in songs like Pride n’ Joy, Mary had a Little Lamb, Stang’s Swang, Little Wing, and Voodoo Child, etc.

So all the riffs in this lesson are out of the E pentatonic minor scale.

This riff you’ll be taught here is sort of like the one that starts off Mary Had a Little Lamb, but it’s been modified just a bit. It’s got some picks and hammer-ons. It starts off with pick, hammer, pick, and then let the fifth string ring out over the fourth string.

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So pick the fifth string, then hammer the fifth string second fret, then pick up the fourth string, then back to picking the open fifth string. Next is the fifth string second fret.

A hammer is when you push down really hard on the note and let it ring out. If you do it slow, it mutes the string, which you don’t want. So you have to push down hard and hold the string down.

Then there’s a pick on the open, then a hammer on and pull off. Then play a “G”, third fret, sixth string, open “E” which is the open sixth string, then high “E”, fourth string second fret.

This is a great riff to learn for the “E” chord.

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