Simple Man Chords

Simple Man Chords

Here is a look at a few versions of Simple Man. Chord shapes for this song can be found in the open positions of C, G and Am, so it won’t be too hard to follow.

The strumming pattern for these Simple Man chords can be adapted to suit whatever style you feel comfortable with – strumming the whole chords with a pick, playing the single notes or using a combination of the pick and your fingers (‘hybrid’ picking).

These open guitar chords will form the main part of the song, but it is also worth introducing power-chord versions for the guitar solo, as these voicings will sound more convincing.

This is a pretty easy, but really fun guitar song to play – you can keep varying the chords and picking style to add more interest to the chord progression.

Simple Man Chords:

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Henk goedhart Reply

its a greet song to learn ,i ame 50 years old and one week ago fore my birhtday i have one gitaar elcktrich
ibanez and now a learn to play thanks fore the lessen its greet havelots to learn

Ken Reply

Hey Colin, not sure when this song was written and not sure if I have ever heard it before but, way back in the mid seventies I wrote a song with this exact melody and chord progression. I was a little spooky hearing you play this back to me as I have only ever played it to a few friends over the years. But I’m glad that this particular melody is out there in the world of music. My song was based on a young lady I knew and her concern for her brother overseas in a country in turmoil. Wow I’m glad I heard you play this.

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Ken, I just looked it up and apparently the song was released in 1973. It was written by Lynyrd Skynyrd. That’s the amazing thing about music -- chord progressions and even melodies can be used over and over in many different ways and places, and yet still end up being unique depending on who is using it!

Ken Reply

Thanks for clearing that up, but it was still great hearing someone else playing it,

jstin Reply

Hey Colin, Simple Man just one of the great songs that Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote they were destine to be the hottest Southern Rock bands of all times. Ronnie lead singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd loved to do shows with no shoes on he said he love to feel the music. Donnie played with 38 Special and Johnny Vanzant was going his own thing until Ronnie died then time past and Johnny took what was left of Lynyrd Skynyrd and it was like Ronnie reborn and took the name and still selling out shows.

alan sublett Reply

To whom it may concern,
I’ve bought several things from you guys, and you send me these emails talking about songs chords, etc, and there seems to be nothing in them. I can’t see any video or chords or
anything. What is going on ? Doyou send me this stuff on the condition that I have to spend more MONEY to look at it ?

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