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Brown Eyed Girl Chords For Guitar

The Brown Eyed Girl chords for guitar are really intervals; they’re not full chords. That signature riff at the beginning of the song? Yep – those are intervals, not chords.

Remember, an interval is two notes, a chord is three or more.

Once you get the Brown Eyed Girl chords / intervals down though, your friends will definitely recognize the song you’re playing, because it is so distinctive! It is one of those guitar songs that every player should know (and ideally, understand the theory behind it too!).

These intervals can be played over top of the chord progression, and because you’re playing up higher than the open chords, they really blend beautifully. Once you get a hang of this riff, try using variations of it in different songs that you know, or the next time you’re soloing.

If you can’t see the fingers well enough, remember that you can make the video full screen by using the button in the bottom right corner. Alright, let’s dig in…

Brown Eyed Girl Chords For Guitar:

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James A. Pitts Reply

Excellent lesson. Would like to see tabs too. Some people need the tabs in order to practice what your video shows. Thanks.

    michael walker Reply

    Yes Tabs would be nice Collen love your stuff by the way!

C.J.Rebb Reply

Tabs please!

Bud Reply

Tabs are for wimps. Just keep rewinding until you get it. You will learn it much quicker without the tabs.

Craigschmieder Reply

When playing solo, I think that the beginning riff soumds a little “richer” if you play¬†6th intervals instead of 3rds. What do you think?

Jeff Reply

Love your content but have to agree with everyone else tabs would be nice
Thanks you love your work.

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