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Guitar Scales

Guitar ScalesIf you want to learn how to solo on the guitar, then you need to learn guitar scales. Guitar scales are the basis of all solos, because they provide the notes that you have to work with in your solo!

Guitar Scales Are Patterns!

The good news is, you can learn guitar scale patterns which are easily movable around the fretboard. Forget learning random collections of notes for each key! Once you know a particular guitar scale pattern, all you need to do is shift the root note for that guitar scale, and you’ll be able to play the pattern again in a whole new key.

At we’ll not only teach you the fastest and most efficient way to learn guitar scales, but we’ll also teach you how to apply them to your playing – regardless of what style of music you enjoy most.

Learn Guitar Scales With Riff Ninja has an incredible depth of guitar lessons available for players of all skill levels – guitar scales, guitar chords, different playing styles, soloing – you name, and we’ve got high quality, in depth lessons on it inside!

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If you want to take your guitar playing to the next level, there’s no better place than to master your guitar scales and learn how to start using them in your playing!

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