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Blue on Black Chords (Guitar Lesson)

The song Blue on Black was written by Kenny Wayne Shepherd when he was 19 or 20. He’s a great guitar player, and this song is a pretty great accomplishment for such a young guitar player.

This lesson teaches you the chords for the song Blue on Black. There is a separate lesson on learning how to play the Blue on Black Guitar Solo.

Blue on Black consists of D, C, G and an A chord. That’s about it. The main part starts on a D, then goes to C, then G.  There are some tricks you can do to make it sound more interesting. For instance on the D chord, you can do a hammer off the third string. Kenny Wayne Shepherd also does a run up leading into the C chord, and plays a B pass note going to the G chord, dropping down the pinkie on the G chord. That’s how the verse goes, with four phrases of that.

The chorus for Blue on Black builds on the A and stops on the G. That’s basically the whole song, so enjoy playing along with Kenny Wayne Shepherd!

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