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How To Play Sharp Dressed Man On Guitar

Sharp Dressed Man is one of those classic blues rock songs that a lot of people really like playing on the guitar.

Sharp Dressed Man was originally performed by Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top.

The intro riff is one of those catchy signature riffs that are actually fairly easy to play. It’s basically using a few different fourths out of the C pentatonic minor scale. You play these fourths as doublestops (also called diads sometimes). The basic idea is that you’re hitting two strings (and ONLY two) at the same time. Be careful, if you hit more than these strings it is going to sound muddy.

Sharp Dressed Man Intro Riff

Watch Sharp Dressed Man Intro Riff on Youtube

The song is in the key of C major, using the chords of C, F and G. Here’s a short video explaining the riff that leads into the chords, and the rhythm. Sometimes the chords aren’t played as full chords, but just as power chords or even as perfect fifth intervals (just the I and the V).

Sharp Dressed Man Guitar Chords

Watch Sharp Dressed Man Guitar Chords on Youtube

If you want to solo over Sharp Dressed Man, then you should use the C pentatonic minor scale.

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