Sultans of Swing Tab (Video Lesson)

Sultans of Swing Tab (Video Lesson)

If you have been working on Sultans of Swing tab lessons, you may find this video tutorial a lot easier to follow. Sultans of Swing is one of the most recognizable guitar songs out there, but it is definitely a challenge for more advanced players, as there are quite a few different techniques included, such as slurs, rolls and note muting.

Mark Knopfler’s classic guitar riff follows the D natural minor scale and is mainly based around a D minor triad (taken from the standard D minor barre chord on the fifth fret) on the g, b and e strings.

Sultans of Swing Tab (Video Lesson):

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Jimmy Burns Reply

Colin Daniel… I have been playing for many, many years and I want you to know that you are one of the best musicians and have one of the best sounds going. You have the sound to go with moves… great sound! I would play a gig with you anytime and we would give new meaning to great music, especially, the blues, BB King, John Denver, Ray Sharp, and even Roy Orbison. I do Christian music now but I still play all the old stuff and many of it in my Church Concerts -- Many Christians still like the good old music, even old <-- Chuck Berry

You are one of the best!

Jimmy Burns

lee Reply

Hey Colin, Thank you for that Lesson. Sultans of Swing hapen’s to be one of my favorite’s. I need to learn it, thanks again you got me pointed in the right direction. I’d like to add to Mr.Jimmy Burns comment, sorry Jimmy I believe Colin is one of the best Guitar player’s I have had the pleasur of being taught. Colin, I said this before, and I mean it, “thank you for keeping it real”. your student Lee Hamilton (

Bowzerr Reply

I liked the riff and will be getting after it.  As someone trying to learn to play guitar, the hammer on, finger roll and finger muting will give me plenty to practice.  Thanks for this post and keep them coming. 

jstin Darosa Reply

Hey Colin, Great job sounds great good for practice take care my friend.

jstin Darosa Reply

Hello Colin, I love the lead part great for the guys to work on the other things that you talked about
keep it up take care my friend.

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