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Wonderful Tonight – Guitar Chords (Eric Clapton)

Wonderful Tonight is a great Eric Clapton tune. Eric Clapton has also put out an autobiography that you should check out if you haven’t read it yet.  In there you will learn the story about who he wrote this song for and why.

Wonderful Tonight works off G, C, D and Em with just one little trick involved.  This lesson doesn’t cover the lead guitar much because you need to know some scales for that, but you will learn the chord progression for the song.  In the original recorded version of Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton plays the G chord with the extra pinkie involved. The standard G has the third finger on the 6th string, so just move your third finger over one string and play the third fret with your pinkie. It changes the color of the chord a little, but this is an optional thing. It does, however, help with the little trick in this song, which is the walk-down baseline on the guitar.

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Thomas Reply

EXCELLENT Lesson! Thanks! Will be playing this in a JamShop this week. This will help prepare for that! 5 Stars!!!

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