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Stevie Ray Vaughan Inspired Licks #3

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the most amazing guitar players of all time, and as such, he’s well worth studying for anyone who is serious about playing blues guitar!

Stevie always tuned his guitar to Eb, so if you want to jam with him, you’ll have to tune your guitar down a semitone. Your guitar sounds different when it’s tuned to E because the whole instrument takes on a different character.

Learn your E pentatonic scale if you want to jam with Stevie.

This lesson will teach you how to play a rendition of the riff from the end of the song “Pride ‘n Joy”.

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So take your third finger on the third string, and starting on the second fret, slide up two frets. Then underneath that, pluck the second string and finger it with the second finger on the third fret. That creates a minor third double stop. The trick is not to let your third finger touch the second string so that the two strings can ring out together.

So it goes one-trip-let two-trip-let, then there’s a double stop. Using your first finger, bar across three strings, but mute the first string so it doesn’t ring out. Just play the second and third strings on the second fret. Then play the second and third strings open. Go to the second fret fourth string, and play your closing riff which is the chromatic passing note from the IV to the V. So that’s open fifth string, fifth string first fret, then fifth string second fret.

Good luck, play lots!

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Douglas Reply

NIce lesson.Be kind of nice to have the tab to this one.All though I am perty loaded down with lessons right now.

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