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The Thrill is Gone Chords

The Thrill is Gone, by BB King, is still one of the top blues songs of all time. It is quite possibly his most famous song, and was the first one to really merge blues, jazz and pop rock which really broadened out the appeal. It is one of those guitar songs that is really fun to play, and provides tons of room to solo over top of as well.

The Thrill is Gone is a modified 12 bar arrangement, and this chord progression has since been used by many other hit songs. The song is a great study in I IV V, both major and minor, which you can learn more about in the Riff Ninja Academy.

The Thrill is Gone chords are Bm, Em, G, F#m, and then this little turnaround bit that uses an A major, A# major, and then back to Bm.

If you’re planning on soloing over the chord progression, then use the B minor diatonic or pentatonic scales, or D major if you wish.

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