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Dear Mr Fantasy Chords

Today’s lesson is on the guitar chords for Dear Mr Fantasy. This song is a fairly easy one, so beginners should be able to pickup something here, and it also has a fair bit of room in it for some riffing, if you’re more advanced already.

Dear Mr Fantasy was originally done by Steve Winwood with Traffic, but it was also done by Big Sugar, among others. It is one of those easy guitar songs that are pretty simple, and yet sound great (and have a guitar riff that others will recognize) at the same time.

The main part of the song is three chords, A major, G major, D major, then A major.

There’s also a cool little bass riff that goes in there too, which is fun to play, and will give you a good way to practice throwing riffs in between chords.

The Dear Mr Fantasy chords also sound great (especially with the riff) with a generous application of the “talent button” ie crunch, so once you get the basic structure of the song down, have some fun with it!

The chorus is F#m, G#m, A major, three times. The fourth time do the F#m again, then to a G major, then an E major.

And there you have the chords for Dear Mr Fantasy. That’s pretty much the whole song!

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Tin Reply

Sweet! Thanks!

Ray bassett Reply

This riff cool nija man --I love the sound
I have been down with broncitis sooo bad I
didn’t care what the hell happens

with a 103 temp
but your riff helped

Lee Hamilton Reply

nija man thank you for being real, and taking your time with us beginers. I truly appreciate the knowledge your giving me and others that log on to your web site. Mr. Fantasy is just what I needed. Watching you has Inspired me. I have surf the net looking for a web site that offered Guitar/Music lessions, and all are the same theres always some hot guitar player that plays some hot licks and scales, and wants to charge you a lot of money for lessions that are way out of my reach. Until I foud your site, I was getting nowhere. Your are in my opinion your one of the best. again thank you, Lee

Red Hot Joe Reply

Love the way you teach. I’m now having fun with the riff. Thanks Dude!
Red Hot Joe


Hey, Colin. THANKS! TRAFFIC HAS ALWAYS been a favorite band of mine & DEAR MR.FANTASY ONE of my favorites. Thanks for the lesson. I’ll let you know how it’s coming along!! EXCELLENT TUNE!!! 🙂

Lynne Reply

Having trouble fitting the rhythm of the riff in between the cords.
It would be very helpful to see it written out in music notation or tabs or at the very least,have you count it out. I am guessing that there is a triplet in there,but why guess. How about including the rhythm with these videos.

Douglas Reply

Great lesson.I love your breif lessons not a lot of stuff to figureout,I know that all will come.

forby Reply

you have to be of a certain age to remember the likes of traffic and other bands of there time and god there were some good bands out there at that time . great lesson

ronnie Reply

great learning videos, i believe start three chords,find a easy song you know,take it slow,steady away.

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