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Bad Moon Arising – Guitar Lesson (Chords)

Bad Moon Arising is written by John Fogerty, and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Try and check out one of John Fogerty’s live shows; he does his concerts with great conviction, and is an amazing guitar player.

This lesson only teaches you the chords to the song. The lead guitar is broken down in our lesson Bad Moon Arising – Guitar Lead.  However, it is good to have the chords down before going on to learn the lead guitar part. Once you’ve got both in place, you’ll find this is one of those guitar songs that can be quite fun to play.

The song Bad Moon Arising is in D.  Just because a song starts on D doesn’t necessarily mean the song is in D; however it is in this case. Bad Moon Arising uses a pretty simple I, IV, V progression. The progression for the verse goes D (I), A (V), G (IV), D (I), repeated once. The chorus differs a little, with the chord progression as:  G (IV), D (I), A (V), G (IV), D (I).  That’s pretty much the whole song!

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great job of teaching , I like the way you teach                         bluegrass

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