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6 Basic Guitar Chords

These six basic guitar chords are used in hundreds and hundreds of guitar songs, in every genre you can imagine!

The six basic guitar chords you’ll learn in this lesson are: G, C, D, Em, Am, and Bm.

You might have some trouble with the Bm chord, because it is a bar chord and that requires more strength. However, Colin has given some good tips for ways to get around doing the full bar chord in this case.

These six basic guitar chords are all the chords in the key of G major. That means that if you know these songs, you’ll be able to play any song that is in the key of G!

In this lesson you’ll learn the specific fingerings that work best for these six guitar chords. As you get more comfortable with the chords, practice making your chord changes smoother with less pausing in between them. You can also experiment with picking individual strings as well.

As you’re playing these guitar chords, notice that the G, C and D go very well together, as do the Em, Am, and Bm. In fact, all six chords work well together, but those groupings work very well too.

To practice your chord changes, just start strumming and randomly pick one of the six chords, then switch to another random one. As they all work well together, you’ll hear how they sound great and it will start training your ears too!

6 Basic Guitar Chords

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bishop Reply

very nice teaching thanks

Doug Robison Reply

Great lesson. I will recommend you to my grandson who is just starting out with the Guitar. I wish you had been around when I was a kid just learning the guitar and music. Keep it up. Thanks


Joshua Reply

Hey guys i rily wana play guitar.bt i kant watch da video lesson i cnt afford it.can u plz make yo teachings in theory

George Reply

looking for bass guitar lesson….

erdogan Reply

thanks tom fantastic lesson very helpful thanks ones again.

Renato Reply

HI, Ninja,
I Like the way you`re teaching, but I prefer if you would give me.
Picture chords,TAB sheets,music sheets and CDS.
Thanks in advance
Renato. PLease Reply.

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Renato, those things tend to be reserved for our premium courses, rather than these free YouTube lessons. You can find them here: https://www.riffninja.com/shop/

Dr. Kingman Reply

Chance encounter to your video lessons…You have a great teaching style and you manage to make it seem easy for most. Many thanks.

Owen J. Jones Reply

TO: Riff Ninja Ninja

Thank you for the Six Basic Cords that I received this evening; I look forward to practicing with them. Today, I ordered a copy of “The Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar” to my address; hosever the Data was “kicked out” about three times. Could someone in the office look into this problem……..I’m trying!!! thank you, Owen Jones

Maria Reply

I’m new to this guitar playing I’d like to learn how to play my self. I do have a 6 sting Acoustic Guitar are there any free lessons or how does this all work exactly? ??

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Maria, there are lessons that go out by email, and those are all free. You’ll never be charged for something unless you actually purchase something. With that said, many of our lessons and courses are in fact for sale. You can learn more about what we have available here: http://riffninja.com/shop/

Linda Reply

I am new to guitar. I am working very hard on those basic g c d chords. It would be a dream come true for me to be able to play the into that you play here. Is it possible for you to teach that intro and in a beginner slowed down version?

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