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Jazz Guitar Chords

There are many different jazz guitar chords that we could talk about, however one of the most important is the major 7th family. At the beginning of this lesson, you’ll hear the Amaj7 being used quite a bit, which sounds really nice.

Just as a side note, major 7th chords are tetrachords, meaning that they have four notes. Normal guitar chords only need three notes to form a chord, so they are called triads.

Jazz guitar chords typically sound a bit softer than normal chords, which really helps with that mellow tone.

Converting these jazz guitar chords into bar chords is a really good way to expand your chord vocabulary.

In many cases, you can actually interchange some of the chords that you’ll learn in this lesson with their major or minor counterparts. That’s cool, because you can use them to give just that extra bit of flavor that a song might be needing.

Jazz Guitar Chords Lesson:

Watch the lesson on Youtube.

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marian Reply

I love the sounds!!!!!! What was the type of scale that you were using that matches with these type of chords?

    Jonathan Reply

    Hey Marian, that’s the just A major scale (diatonic), rooted on the 5th fret, 6th string.

Larry Reply

Jazzy!!! I like the chords

Gordon McIntosh Reply

Loving your lessons and your style its got a different edge thats great to play.
Thank you very much -- Gordon

Wayne Reply

Martin, it’s a Major 7th arpeggio. Uses the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th tones of the major scale.

chuck wagstaff Reply

ive hade a grate time with your lessons you make it e/z

camper Reply

I like your style of teaching

Ken Reply

Cool chords. Funny thing is I’ve used the Amaj7 after a Dmin7 in a middle 8 of a melody that I wrote.  Sounds real cool, and reminds me a little of  a section from a late sixties song, can’t remember the title but do remember the feel.
But totally cool chords.

Richard John Reply

Unable to view video.

Rex Starling Reply

Nothing from the Tags, No video at all.cheers

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