Bass Guitar Lessons -

Bass Guitar Lessons

The bass guitar lessons on this page are for players of all levels, and they cover all kinds of different styles as well.

Learning the bass guitar is an ongoing process, and while you will learn something today, much remains. Consistency is one of the most powerful tools to learning anything, so be sure to check back often for our new bass guitar lessons!

If you’re really serious about taking your guitar to the next level, we also recommend checking out the Riff Ninja Academy, where you will find longer, in depth bass lessons covering a wider range of subjects in great detail. You can try it for three days free, no credit card required!

One of the first places to start on your bass is by learning a basic scale, say the major scale. After that, take on the minor scale, and with those just two patterns you go a very long way on the bass guitar. After you have a scale or two under your belt, then you can start looking at things like rhythms, playing techniques, and learning some fills. In addition to the lessons you find here, it’s a good idea to head over to Youtube at some point and look up some performances from famous bass players. You’ll be inspired, and also if you watch closely, pick up a thing or two!

Okay, enough talk, let’s get down to business, and take some bass lessons, shall we?

Checkout these Bass Guitar Lessons: