Chord Inversions on Guitar

Chord Inversions on Guitar

Here’s a lesson on chord inversions. In basic terms, inversion means reversal, so basically we’re talking about re-arranging the notes in a chord.

Note that this doesn’t mean we’re changing the notes, just re-arranging the order in which they appear.

You can use chord inversions in your soloing, and also to create new sounds with your guitar chords.

The first inversion of a chord is the standard 1 3 5 pattern, for instance, an A major is A, C#, E. Those three notes are technically speaking, the first inversion of an A major. You can also re-arrange the order of these notes, and that’s where we start getting different chord inversions.

To learn more on chord theory, checkout the full length lessons in our member’s area.

Chord Inversions:

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Richard John Reply

For some reason, unable to play video. Any ideas as to why?

Richard John Reply

Unable to view video.

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Hi Richard, if you can’t see it here, then click the link under the video to view it on youtube.
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Douglas Reply

good lesson on chord building.

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