Guitar Arpeggios

Guitar Arpeggios

Here is a video that will help you get to grips with guitar arpeggios – you will soon see how they will be an invaluable addition to your guitar playing.

Some people get turned off by the idea of arpeggios, but in reality they can be very easy to master. Although similar to a guitar scale, a guitar arpeggio is based on the notes of a chord and, as a result, gives a different sound and provides a different approach to positions on the fretboard. Of course, this will work both ways, and you will find that arpeggios can be a good way of discovering new guitar chords.

When compared to scales, guitar arpeggios can sometimes be more useful for picking out melodies, as the notes of the chord usually form the main notes of the melody.

In popular styles (whether it’s jazz, country or metal) it is common for the notes of guitar arpeggios to ring out over each other, with the bass notes picked first and the rest following in ascending order. This, however, isn’t a necessity – you can get some pretty cool riffs by changing the order of the notes.

Just like scales or chords, how difficult guitar arpeggios will be will depend on where you play them on the fretboard, but the same principles will always apply.

Guitar Apreggios:

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