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Really Simple Guitar Chords

These simple guitar chords are just simplified versions of other guitar chords you may be already familiar with.

You only need three notes to make a chord, and in many cases on the guitar, we’re actually duplicating some of the notes. For instance, in a normal G major you use all six strings, however you can also play a simpler form of the G chord using only the top three or four strings.

This trick can be used for many different guitar chords, though you have to be careful because you can’t just drop the extra strings, you have to make sure you’re still getting the proper notes in there.

In this lesson on simple guitar chords, Colin will show you how to do exactly that. Keep in mind that these simple guitar chords should really only be used as a stepping stone on your way to playing the full six string chords. Full chords sound much richer on the guitar, and that’s the direction you want to be heading.

Simple Guitar Chords

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Mogorosi Jimmy Kesilwe Reply

My problem with these clips, all of them I recieved up to so far, is that they do not produce any sound. I am wondering if it is my setting or whatever else.

Anyone, somebody, please help

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Jimmy -- you can always click on the link underneath the video to view it directly on Youtube… these are just Youtube videos that we’re embedding on the site, so I can guarantee you they’re working fine -- it must be some setting or configuration issue on your end?

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