3 Beginner Guitar Chords

3 Beginner Guitar Chords

If you’re a beginner, then these three beginner guitar chords are going to be the ones you want to work on first.

These three beginner guitar chords are G C and D. In the video Colin will teach you a couple of alternate fingerings for these chords as well.

G C and D are all related, and sound great together. There are literally thousands of hit songs using just these three chords, so this is a good place for you to start!

Colin also talks about some tips for getting your fingering correct, and getting a good clean sound on your chords. Keep working on the chord until you get a very clear sound on each string. Don’t settle for a muddy sound, even though it is easier at first!

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Once you’ve learned these beginner guitar chords, move on to the next lesson, and learn some more guitar chords!

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colton Reply

Hey can you make a video on how to tune your guitar because I’m trying to teach my self but I can’t tune it right, help?

Anurag Reply

Dear Sir I have watched your beginners video ..It’s very good a beginner should have to know for a guitar playing.Thanks a lot.Respect for you always.

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