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2 Cool Double Note Intro Riffs

Today we have these two cool double note intro riffs.

Brown Eyed Girl Intro
This starts at 12th fret, on the 2nd and 3rd strings. For the next interval, 2nd finger is on 2nd string 13th fret, 3rd finger is on the 3rd string 14th fret. It goes major third, minor third, minor third, back down and there you go. This intro follows the chord of G, C and E. The difference is between the G and the B string, and the B and E string. To get the minor third move your 3rd finger to 15th fret, and the 1st finger to 1st string, 15th fret.

So it goes: Major third, minor third. minor third and come back down again. The last change you need to learn is the D change, which is 7th fret 2nd and 3rd string, and you strike the 3rd string in 7th fret, you upstroke the 2nd string in 7th fret. All together: G, then the C, back to the G, now the D.

Lost Lonely Boys – Heaven
The intro works like the previous intro riff we had. So it goes, major, minor, minor, and one more major third up at the 17th fret. Go up to the 15th to 16th fret, now go up to the 17th fret. From the major 3rd to the 12th fret, skip to 15th and 16th fret for the minor 3rd, come back down to the minor third, the lower one, and go up to 17th fret, back down, back up, all the way back down. Isn’t that beautiful?

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