Cool Rhythm Riffs

Cool Rhythm Riffs

Rhythm riffs are lots of fun to play and can really help drive a song along. Using a rhythm riff in a song is a great way to add a little extra to it, while still keeping things simple enough to have vocals or a lead line over top. Guitar riffs don’t have to be reserved for solos only!

In this rhythm riffs lesson, you’ll learn one variation; however keep in mind that there are hundreds of ways to play these riffs. In fact, once you’ve got this way down, why not modify it a bit and make it your own?

Cool Rhythm Riff

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jayvee Reply


Robert Schlechter Reply

It would help me if you provided the tab for the riffs you teach while you explain them because I must be slow since I can’t catch on immediately which notes they are that you mention.

By the way, I enjoy your lessons but I haven’t bought your CD, yet. Forty years of playing and teaching has weight, and you sound pretty good, too.

Jay Green Reply

Cool riff Colin, Thanks. One question, do you play the 5 the same way just up the neck?

    Jonathan Reply

    Yes -- same way.

Dan C Reply

Very cool technique Colin. Would you do more lessons along this line,please?
Also,just out of curiosity what songs use this technique or riff? Thanks for all your lessons.

Allan Reply

Hi colin wonder if you can help me i am tryng to play smoke on the water power chords wounder if you could give them me by the way could you let us have the tabs for this riff and smoke on the water regards Allan

Michael Reply

Hi Colin, cool riff but please come in tight on your hands with the camera so we can see what you are doing. Thanks!


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