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String Slides on Guitar

Today we’re looking at string slides, and we’re going to be working with the pentatonic minor scale, as well as the three position pentatonic minor.

The trick with getting a good slide is to hold down the pressure on the string, so that you get good contact while you’re sliding that note up.

There are different ways of sliding notes on the guitar. Sometimes you want to slide into a note, in which case you’ll be picking a point one or more frets above or below the note you want, and immediately as soon as you pick, slide that note.

Other times, you may be sliding in between notes. In these cases, pick the note, allow it to ring out a bit, then keeping your finger firmly on the string, slide to the note you want. Make sure you don’t overshoot though, because that doesn’t sound very good!

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Darren Reply

A great way to approach the three position pentatonic scale and vary the voicing, so it doesn’t sound like a scale. Also he covers a bonus Hendrix lesson / idea.

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