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Cool Acoustic Guitar Riffs

Today you’re going to learn a few acoustic guitar riffs in the key of C major, which is one of the most common keys used on the guitar.

Whenever you’re trying to learn acoustic guitar riffs, or any kind of guitar riffs for that matter, you really need to first figure out what guitar scales you’re dealing with. In the key of C major, you can use the C major scale, or the A minor scale.

In this lesson the biggest takeaway really is to learn the scale, because once you’ve done that, there are tons of cool riffs that you can take directly out of the scale.

Playing acoustic blues is a ton of fun, so pay close attention to these riffs!

Acoustic Guitar Riffs:

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Two questions and 1 comment
Q.1: Where can I find a site with the lyrics, chords, and strumming patterns for lynyrd Skynyrds by absolute favorite song by the band.

Q.2: If there is a place like guitar center that would sell a DVD of simple acoustic songs by you

Best teaching I’ve ever had thank u much SEMPER FI

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I left the name of the song out its All i can do is write about it in a song”

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