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Bass Lesson: Using Ones and Fives

A previous bass lesson covered the one and eighth notes, which is the octave. That bass lesson can be found here. Now this bass lesson will be adding the perfect fifth to that, which is the fifth note in your scale. This applies to a major or minor key.

For example, if you’re in A major, the fifth note (perfect fifth) is E.

If you are a bass player that has converted from being a guitar player, the one and five is like your power chord on a guitar. You can do that on a bass too. It usually sounds better on a higher register. If you play them singly though, this creates your bass line. When you’re in a lower frequency, hitting both your one and five together might cancel each other out of simply sound too droney.

There is a pattern that happens between your octave and your fifth. When you’re doing your fifth, it’s always your root first, then the fifth. So if A is the root, the fifth will always be one string and two frets up, which is the E. It’s the same for root of D, the fifth, A, will be one string and two frets up. Always hit your root first, because this establishes your change. After that, then you can add the fifth.

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Preston Reply

got that , i just gota practice it for smooth changes ,thanks

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