The I IV V Box Bass Guitar Lesson

The I IV V Box Bass Guitar Lesson

You could spend hours upon hours learning bass lines from different songs, but what if there was an easy way that could have you playing an almost endless number of great hooks with one handy shape? Well, with the ‘I IV V Box’, you can do just that. After this bass guitar lesson, you will be primed to play many of your favorite bass lines, no matter if they are in major or minor keys.

In earlier lessons we looked at adding the three main harmonies of a root note, but here we are going to add one more note – the octave – to form a handy box shape, which we can then slide up and down the fretboard. The “I IV V’ Box is also great for jamming and improvising, and this bass guitar lesson will be a must for anyone wanting to create their own catchy hooks.

The I IV V Box Bass Guitar Lesson:

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