Walking Bass: How to Create a Walking Bass Line

Walking Bass: How to Create a Walking Bass Line

Easily one of the most popular moves on the bass guitar is the walking bass line – firstly, because it always sounds good and, secondly, because it’s very easy to play! There are too many examples to list here, but old boogie-woogie and blues numbers are full of walking bass runs. Of course, you will also hear this influence in plenty of more modern styles.

To get to grips with the walking bass line you will only need to know one scale – the pattern for each part of the bass line, even when the song changes chord, will remain the same. If you think of scales in terms of their intervals you will conquer the walking bass line right away.

Walking Bass: How to Create a Walking Bass Line

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Montreal Guitar Teacher Reply

Thanks for this. It’s a good tutorial. Nice to have some basic ideas of simple bass lines. Though I wouldn’t give this to the most beginner students quite yet. That was Hey Joe, right?

Towards 2:55, it’s a nice demo of proper technique and body awareness. In just a few seconds and a few quick movements you basically mirrored some of the awkwardness that I see everyday in my studio. When keeping your hands in a “fixed position”, what do you do to prevent stiffness and to promote healthy playing habits. I noticed that you’re body is quite as ease while you play. Can you make any recommendations?

russ Reply

I would like to add that to my bluegrass bass runs thanks riff

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