How to Play Harmonics on Guitar

How to Play Harmonics on Guitar

Playing harmonics on guitar is all about timing and knowing how to place your finger on the string. There are certain frets that will be easier for playing harmonics than others – the 12th fret for example – and also very important for getting a clean tone is the positioning of your finger, which should be directly over the fret wire.

Once you have successfully played a harmonic at the 12th fret, try it again on the 7th and 5th frets, which will prove a little harder. Playing harmonics on guitar requires plenty of accuracy, but it’s a technique that won’t take too long to master.

How to Play Harmonics on Guitar :

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Ntino bassey Reply

Hi. I wana b a gud harmonic player

Jim Evans Reply

You probably are aware that there is a mathematics to music; i.e. the 12 fret divides each string in half and produces the octave; and each fret before 12 (and after) divides the string into a fraction of the length between the nut and the bridge. That fractional divide then becomes/establishes the pitch for every note in the scale. As a former math teacher, I used to have my geometry students learn this concept and determine the fractions for the notes.

    wordpressGPT Reply

    Hi Jim, you’re right on the money. There is so much math in music if you’re willing to look that it’s crazy! That’s very cool to hear of a math teacher using the guitar to teach math -- I love it!

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