Drop C Tuning

Drop C Tuning

Drop C Tuning is a great asset for country, blues and metal players. It is very effective for playing powerful, deep guitar riffs that can’t be played in standard E tuning. If you have already viewed the lesson on standard D tuning, you will have a good idea of how drop C will work.

In standard D, each string is tuned down the same distance from standard E. Now to get drop C tuning, we just tune the low D string (what was orginally the E string) down further to C, or down a whole step.

With drop C tuning, you will have to adapt some chord shapes that use the low string, but this isn’t too difficult to understand.

Drop C Tuning:

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Jerr Reply

Are you saying you drop all the strings one whole step?

anonomous Reply

seems too rehearsed good video but i feel like you are reading a cue card. relax a little and speak what you feel. the video quality is nice and i like the guitar. you also play well

anonomous Reply

i think its also the eye contact. you are looking near but not AT the camera

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