Finger Exercises for Guitar Players

Finger Exercises for Guitar Players

Finger exercises will be a vital part of your practice routine if you want to speed up your movement on the fretboard. Like any muscle on your body, your finger muscles will respond far better when they have been put through a training regime. Jazz and metal players will particularly benefit from this exercise, but it is recommended for guitarists of all styles.

This finger exercise is loosely based on the chromatic scale, moving up and down the strings. It will not only tone up the muscles in the fingers, but will also require you to position your hand and fingers correctly on the fretboard. What’s more is when you combine some alternate picking of the strings you will have one of the best finger exercises for building speed.

It is always recommended to run though some finger exercises before you begin playing. If you include this exercise in your a regular practice routine – warming up at the beginning and repeating at the end – you will quickly see the difference in your speed and dexterity on the fretboard.

 Finger Exercises for Guitar Players:

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A great practice tip for strength and down and up picking.

Octavian Reply

It’s very useful. It works  after shot practice. Do you have more theory for intermediate and advanced guitarists?
Octavian from Romania

    wordpressGPT Reply

     Hi Octavian, I’d recommend checking out our member’s zone for the more advanced stuff; it’s loaded with it!

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