Drop D Tuning

Drop D Tuning

Drop D Tuning is great for getting really deep, bassy riffs and chords on your guitar and it’s a tuning that you will find in a wide range of styles. Whether you fancy picking some old folk and country, or thrashing out some seriously heavy power chords, this lesson will be well worth a watch.

Switching your guitar to drop D tuning couldn’t be easier; all that is required is that you drop your low E down a whole step (the equivalent of two frets) to a D. Now you have a nice low 6th string on your guitar, but this means the notes on this string have moved, and the note relationships to the other strings will have also changed.

The advantage here is that we can get some really interesting chord shapes, and with the way the notes are spaced out, drop D tuning can produce its own unique sound.

Drop D Tuning:

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Jim Guthrie Reply


I use double drop D for Cinnamon Girl.
Send me a saddle from your Humming Bird.
You think the picks have tone. You haven’t
heard anything yet


clarence the harp carlson Reply

I’m greatfull for your Quality of playing and instruction. Just wanted to say thanks collin.

Randy Reply

Your videos are the best..the slow motion technique really helped. Thanks Colin

rophe Reply

Nice video can’t get past the first 29 seconds of the video????

    wordpressGPT Reply

    Try refreshing the page…

Nigel Reply

Does drop d tuning mean that 6th string open e is now 6th string open d? therefore 1st fret 6th string becomes d#? Thanks for any help.

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Nigel -- that’s right, you’ve got it!

Paul Reply

WTG Colin… talking about your right hand and looking at your left … lol

Paul Reply

Honestly though, I love your videos, they’ve helped me alot. Thanks !!

ayisha hubbi Reply

why the video is not playing?

Maryann Reply

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Glenn Dobbs Reply

Colin your drop D has and is cool and having heard you live demonstrating it WOW!! Glenn.keep up the good work.????

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