Advanced Guitar Lesson - G Major Scale in 3rds

Advanced Guitar Lesson – G Major Scale in 3rds

If you feel you want to play more than single-note guitar scales, now could be a good time to start looking at harmonizing the scale intervals – this is a really powerful way to add more melody and harmony to your playing and insert short riffs between chords. A great place to start is the G major scale in 3rds, as it’s a key that lends itself well to this concept.

Harmonizing in 3rds literally means that you will be playing each note of the scale with the note a third above. In the key of G major this will be G and B, A and C, B and D, so playing every second note of the scale. You can, of course, harmonize guitar scales with 5ths, 6ths, 7ths or any other note, but 3rds are a popular choice as they provide a major or minor quality.

You will need to know your G major scale really well before tackling this lesson. If you need a review, you can checkout the other guitar scales lessons first.

Advanced Guitar Lesson – G Major Scale in 3rds:

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butch Reply

I’m no Ninja,but I like the sound of the 3rds,gonna have to work on them!!!!!

Gordon McIntosh Reply

Lovely runs Colin need to practice to get the flow. Thank you.

Skip Reply

Perfect! I have been working on thirds, this is a great
help! Thank You!

Budvtwin Reply

Please look at the tab for your shirt.  It is great.  Gotta have one.

Helge Reply

Is it possible to get this down at a paper for exercise ?

J.D Reply

Colin how R ya
I ain’t pretty and my legs are thin; so can ya do me some tabs. I really like and enjoy the lesson. I play at breaks, lunch at work and through supper. That`s all the food I need to live. Thanx J.D.

    Jonathan Reply

    Haha, sounds like you`re HUNGRY to learn guitar J.D.! That`s cool. Are you talking about tabs for songs? If so, we`re not able to post those on here due to copyright reasons, but we`re working on it for some of the other stuff.

jstin Darosa Reply

Hey Colin, First let me say I love the thirds next Your vocals are not in sync: with your lips and when you play the thirds and stop you still hear you playing your guitar. Now i don’t know if any body else has told you that but it throws me off watching you at first I thought it was my computer so i watch a couple of video and it’s not my computer. So I thought I would let you know take care my friend.

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Jstin, I noticed that you left a similar comment on -- and yet the videos on both sites are syncing correctly when tested on multiple computers. I’m afraid the problem is most likely either your computer, or the internet connection…

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