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The Diatonic Scale: Minor Pattern

The diatonic scale is one of the most common and versatile scales that every guitar player needs to know. Previously we’ve covered the major guitar scales and today we’re covering the diatonic minor scale pattern.

The diatonic scale has seven notes of course, that’s what it’s name means, and you may be familiar with most of this pattern already if you know your pentatonic guitar scales. The diatonic scales follow the same patterns as the pentatonic, but they add two extra notes into the mix.

As such, it is pretty easy to go between diatonic and pentatonic – they completely overlap each other!

The diatonic scale is used in all kinds of different types of music, so this is a very important one to learn.

One of the most powerful concepts that you really need to grasp is that all these guitar scales and patterns we’re talking about are moveable. You’ll hear about this in the lesson, and if you haven’t yet connected with that moveable concept, then today is a good day.

Remember, the diatonic scale can be applied on the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar, the bass guitar – this scale pattern can be used all over the place.

Let’s dive into the lesson!

The Diatonic Scale: Minor Pattern

Watch the lesson on Youtube.

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dats d best sound ve ever heard wud love 2 knw ow 2 run scale like dat and as fast as dat also

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