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Guitar Modes De-Mystified

A lot of people have questions about modes on the guitar… well, in this lesson we’re going to take a look at exactly what a mode is.

For starters, the issue is often confused because rather than truly explain what modes are, the teacher will begin by teaching a whole bunch of different scale patterns, and tell you those are the modes. In fact, each mode is simply another place to start the same scale you’re working with.

Check it out:

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fred Reply

where is the video?

David Winsper Reply

Excellent Colin, many thanks.

Paul Reply

Interesting lesson. Nice, thank-you. This gives me a better idea on how to relate to modes with theory and the Maj, Min, Dim, chords which relate to each note in the scale and how the sound (bright and cheerful or dark and even sinister with the Dim). The question I have concerning modes is: when and where and how would I use all of these? I need to know how to apply this. thanks

    Jonathan Reply

    Hey Paul, I’ll see if we can’t do another quickie lesson to explain the basics…

Len - Winter Park, FL Reply

Good lesson. I appreciate the MODE lesson and will review it several more times. Always had difficulties remembering modes, when to use which mode, and why. All part of my continuing education for the guitar. Thanks !!!

Steve Reply

Very nice lesson, first time on modes (for me), made a lot of sense. Thanks. What is a good appilication?

Stephen B., Reply

Very illuminating instruction on modes, which while simple in execution, can be baffling in concept. You spoke of playing modes in different positions, and could I suggest for a future lesson an approach taking the modal patterns up the neck. Thanks so much!

Dave Leet Reply

Great instruction on modes. I’ve been playing for years and couldn’t figure it out until the great lesson. You explained it simply, without a bunch of BS
Thanks Colin!

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