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The Chromatic Guitar Scale

The pure chromatic guitar scale is all twelve notes, none are left out. On your guitar, this means you could play each fret on any given string and you’d be playing the chromatic scale all the way up the string.

Most guitar scales leave out a lot of notes from the chromatic scale, that’s how we get groupings of notes for each key. On the guitar, we don’t typically play the pure chromatic scale, but rather play a modified chromatic scale that makes more sense as it relates to the guitar.

In this lesson you’ll learn a “cheater” chromatic guitar scale from the A minor position. The reason it’s a cheater scale is a couple of notes are left out.

Watch the Chromatic Guitar Scale lesson on Youtube


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Mark Reply

Way to go with a good lesson. I liked going down the strings one at time instead of staying in the same position.Keep up the good work and careful with the beers.

Charlie Draper Reply

I have been able to pick up a few tips from viewing your videos. Thanks and great job.
Charlie Draper, Publisher

woz Reply

cool,, very helpful. !!

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