Blues Guitar Chords

Blues Guitar Chords in E

Here are some blues guitar chords in a 12 bar format.

This progression is a I IV V progression, and is in E. So the blues guitar chords we’re talking about are E7, A7, and B7. Hundreds of popular blues songs have been written using just these three chords.

If you want to solo over this progression, use the E pentatonic minor scale – either open, or at the 12th fret are great places to start.

E7 and A7 are pretty straight forward chords, but you might find the B7 a bit of a challenge. These are all very common blues guitar chords though, so it is worth your time to practice getting those chords down pat.

Once you’ve got your chord formations down, then Colin shows you how to put them together into a fun to play 12 bar blues progression.

Blues Guitar Chords

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