Strumming Lesson For Beginners

Strumming Lesson For Beginners

Here are some tips that will help beginner guitar players with their strumming.

Choosing the right pick is very important when you’re learning to strum. Thin picks, which are often popular with beginners, don’t give much control. Thicker picks give you more control, but also take more getting used to. In the video you’ll see pointers on how to hold your guitar pick, and of course how to use it.

A straight eighth note strum is a great place to start, maybe around 100 beats per minute, or faster if you’re able. Just a nice up down strumming pattern that you can start getting used to the pick and your chords.

If you want to take your strumming to the next level, you’ll definitely want to check this out too.

Watch the Strumming Lesson for Beginners on Youtube.

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ted woodcock Reply

like someone once said,Verryyyyyyy interesting…………

Gcalow Reply

One thing I think you should maybe have mentioned is a slight twist in the wrist ( down and away from the strings for the down strum, and reverse the twist on the up ) I find this helps to achieve a smooth and constant action across the strings, and the pick then glides nicely. Oh, and use edge of the pick, and slide it towards the tip.
But eh what do I know

Enjoy your lessons, keep rocking,

Jim Reply

Thank you so much for all of your lessons they are inspiring and easy to follow.

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