Beginner Strumming Patterns

Beginner Strumming Patterns for Guitar

In this video we are going to look at some beginner strumming patterns as well as a few tips and tricks for holding the pick correctly. You will need to know (and be comfortable with) four chords – G major, E minor, C major and D major.

When it comes to strumming patterns, you are going to come across many varations for playing a chord progression, but what you have got to get right first is holding the pick. And there many different picks out there as well, coming in different sizes and thickness, that will have an influence on the technique you use.

Also important to know when you’re working out strumming patterns is how to count beats and play in time, and which strokes will fall on the beat and on the ‘offbeat’.

If you’d like to work on your strumming more, I recommend checking out my free e-course on exactly that, which you can find here.

Beginner Strumming Patterns for Guitar:

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Clint Reply

I’m a beginner. This was a good strumming lesson for me. Thanks.

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