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How To Practice Guitar Scales

Today we’re going to talk about how to practice your guitar scales! One thing you can do to make your scales get better is you can practice with a metronome.

This lesson is going to focus on your left hand. It’s good to know your scales because a riff is part of a scale, if you don’t know that already. This is why it is so beneficial to know your scales – because riffs will be that much easier.

Practising your scales will improve your technique and cause you to focus and develop the muscles in your more. Plus it increases your coordination and timing, string stretching, and hand span.

Some words of advice:

Don’t practice your scale with just the flats of your fingers. Although you use them to do string stretches and double notes, also use the tips. Using the tips will increase your speed and clarity. For pull-offs, you need to turn your hand a little more. Keep your hand square, and practice moving up and down the scale. Move as little as possible, and don’t twist your hand or wrap your thumb around.

Use one finger per fret. The scale shown here is not a pure chromatic scale, but a cheater one. The pinkie is the finger that will probably have the hardest time arching. It’ll take some practice to get it working properly.

Don’t worry about practicing fast – go the speed you need to to get all the notes on tempo.

Practice going between up and down strokes. It’s a good habit to get into.

If you’re going for speed riffs, moving your hand as little as possible is a huge benefit for that.

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