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How To Play Guitar Chords

If you want to learn how to play guitar chords, this guitar lesson is for you. Some people have difficulty playing guitar chords, and Colin has some great tips on hand and finger positioning, which can really affect how you end up playing guitar chords.

Posture, finger strength, holding the guitar, guitar setup and even fingernails are all mentioned briefly in this video on how to play guitar chords. The main thing to remember though is that all of these things do affect your guitar playing, and if you’re having difficulty playing guitar chords, then you might need to take a look at the bigger picture to find where the problem is.

In this lesson, you’ll learn specific fingering tips for three of the most common chords: G, C and D. These three chords are incredibly popular on guitar, and with these three chords alone, you can play hundreds of hit songs. They’re truly a great place to start!

How To Play Guitar Chords

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