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Cool Country Guitar Licks in E Pentatonic Minor

While having some music theory under your belt is advantageous for learning country guitar licks, it is not necessary for this video lesson. This lesson is going to use the E penatonic minor scale. Pentatonic means five notes. This scale covers three octaves of E.

The E pentatonic minor scale will be played over a G major chord. These two keys are relative, which is why we can get away with playing the relative minor scale over the relative major. For playing this scale, you should focus on the G note, which is the second note of the pentatonic scale, and the third note of the diatonic scale. One of the G’s in that scale (there are three) should be your ending note.

In the key of G you have the chords G, C, D and Em.

When you are playing around with this lick, and you’re coming off the A note, end on the G chord. When you’re coming off the D, play the Em chord.

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