Finger Tapping For Dummies

Finger Tapping For Dummies

This lesson will provide good basic instruction for finger tapping on the guitar. This technique, made famous by Eddie Van Halen, requires fingers on both hands to play notes on the fretboard. What you will need to be focusing on is achieving the right timing between the fingers, but you will also need to have a few scales down – a pentatonic minor scale would be most suitable.

Finger tapping is often played along one string, but it will be well worth adding in more notes from other strings to widen the range of your sound.

Finger Tapping For Dummies:

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“Always interested to hear the feedback.” ┬áHa, I see what you did there.

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wish you had a camera on the right hand as it hardly seems to be moving

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Truly different, I’ll at least give it try.

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