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12 Bar Blues Chord Progressions

12 bar chord progressions are incredibly common in music. You’ve probably heard of “12 bar blues” progressions before, but unfortunately, that leaves many people mistakenly thinking these 12 bar progressions don’t apply to other types of music.

The fact is, you’ll see 12 bar chord progressions all over the place, once you start looking.

Here’s an introduction to a 12 bar “blues” that you can use anywhere. A good challenge is to play this chord progression in as many different strum patterns as you can think of; perhaps try it with distortion and without – pretty soon you’ll start to get a feel for how flexible these are!

Watch 12 Bar Blues on Youtube.

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Gery Reply

I do really like the way you convey the lesson over the internet.

James Pepoon Reply

Thank you for the great guitar lessons! You obviously have your “chops” in order and a great ability to teach the material to “newbeys” like me.

My all time favorite player was Barney Kessel and I miss him very much…I am primarily interested in jazz chord melody style where you can actually understand the music and not just listen to a lot of technical gymnastics.

Barney always improvised on the melody, but never lost sight of the basic structure. He wove his improvisational skills carefully into what for any other player would just be another banal exercise in amp volume level and wah-wah effects.

Barney brought the music to life with his unique arrangements and gave any particular chart a whole new dimension.

I also enjoy Jimmy Bruno, Ron Anthony, Ron Eschete and Larry Carleton, Dennis Budimer and many others. I really miss Tom Tedesco who was the greatest “one take” studio player of all time (dating myself

    Colin Daniel Reply

    Jazz is very cool, and I certainly love Barney Kessel. He was an awesome guitar player, and influenced a lot of my playing. I also dig George Benson, Tal Farlow, Chet Atkins and Les Paul (among others).

      Elusiverick Reply

      George Benson is my Spiritual brother & an inspirational guitar player & entertainer.

Stan Reply

Graet 12bar, however being the NEW GUY that I am, I would like to see tabs for the chords.

Thanks , Stan

Elusiverick Reply

Thanks once again Colin, this is SWEET !

Bill Reply

any chance of getting the tabs for this ?

BluesImprov Reply

Good intro. Do you have any more advanced tips or tricks to use over the twelve-bar blues? Thanks.

lionel Reply

Always nice to know there are tabs with the lessons.  Some of us like seeing the tabs and practicing using them.  The video demo is useful as well, but once the technique, particular sound, and other visual info has been demonstrated, I find it easier to just use the tabs in daily practice.

Otherwise, I have to be in front of the computer and have to memorize completely in order to practice the song or tune.  After a few tunes, this process is quite laborious and (I think needlessly) difficult.

Jim Evans Reply

Colin's lessons and manner of teaching are superior to others available. He is respectful, patient, easy to follow, doesn't use foul language as some do, and has a calm manner about him. His personality style is what you want in a teacher. As a guitar player, former teacher of beginners, and a psychologist, I recommend his work.

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