Why Can't I Play Bar Chords?

Why Can’t I Play Bar Chords?

Have you ever tried to play bar chords before, but just had a terrible time trying to make it work?

There are a few different reasons why bar chords might be hard for you, and they’re not necessarily because of you! (Note – if you’re looking for a lesson that actually teaches how to play bar chords, please go here instead: The Most Widely Used Bar Chords)

You might have a guitar with a neck that is too big for you, or the action on your guitar might be too hard, which would really make it hard work to do bar chords. Of all the various guitar chords, bar chords take the most strength because you’re fretting all six strings at the same time.

There are other reasons why you might be struggling with bar chords as well, but they’re more technique related, and that is covered in the guitar lesson, so get grab your guitar, and hit play on the video above.

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Douglas Reply

I have to admit I have had problems with bar chords. Best advice never give up on them because they do start to come along as long ass you don’t run from them.

Randy Reply

Is there a lesson specifically going over the barre chords, patterns etc.? I have been learning them as I go, but I can’t find an actual lesson covering the basic Maj or Min barre chords.

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