The Bm Guitar Chord

The Bm Guitar Chord

One of the harder chords for beginners to learn is the Bm guitar chord.

B minor is tricky because it is likely one of the first bar chords you’ll end up learning. Most of the other guitar chords you can get away with great sounding open chords; however the Bm guitar chord is one of those that just doesn’t really have a good ‘open’ position.

So, we’re left with this bar chord, and learning to play it!

Despite the pain it may cause you to work on the Bm guitar chord, it really is worth it in the long run, because you’ll not only complete all the chords you need from the key of G, but you’ll be opening the door to many other bar chords in the future, which really expands the possibilities of what you can play.

So checkout the video, and see if you can’t pickup a few tips for how to play the Bm guitar chord a bit more easily.

Bm Guitar Chord tricks:

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Ralph Reply

Great stuff!! I have extreme difficulty with the B Major chord. Any tips?? I’m just taking the A major shape and sliding up to the barred B major position but can’t seem to get it done easily/quickly.
Thanks for all you do!

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