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Interview: The Ultimate Blues Course

It’s Time To Learn The Blues!

Colin and I (Jonathan) started working on a blues course way back in 2011… and only now is it finally coming to fruition. Along the way we learned a ton about lots of stuff related to creating courses, and especially about how to write a course book. Too many learning curves to mention, really, but suffice to say that in the end, everything was completely re-done and re-worked, and today it is ready for daylight.

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Overall, the Ultimate Blues Course is going to be broken into four distinct “stages” that will build one upon the other. The first stage covers chords, chord theory, chord substitution, how to play chords… everything you need for a solid foundation on chords is in Stage 1!

Stage 2 digs deep into the scales end of things – both diatonic and pentatonic – with a focus on the things you’ll really use in the blues. That said, these are the same scales (and chords) that you need to play ANY music, so even if you want to be a rocker or a country player, these courses are relevant.

Stage 3 is a biggie, and covers rhythms and progressions. Colin personally created six jam tracks specially for this course, with multiple tracks of rhythm guitar and all that fun stuff. In Stage 3, we’ll dissect exactly what he played on each of those tracks, giving you a truly solid understanding of how to play rhythm guitar across a range of blues styles. Now you’ll be really applying all those chords and rhythms to real music – this is where the rubber meets the road!

Stage 4 is the capstone of the whole course, and of course it is what most people really want – it’s the cherry on top: soloing. The solo is the blues player’s ultimate voice for expression. To solo with the best, you’ll need to really understand everything that comes before, the chords and their construction, the scales, the rhythms and underlying progressions… plus you’ll need some sweet blues licks, which we’ll provide in abundance! In Stage 4, you’ll learn a ton of licks, but even more importantly, you’ll learn how to string them together into solos. In fact, you’ll even learn a bunch of specific bar-for-bar solos that you can play over top of the jam tracks, to get you started.

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