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Easy BB King Licks #1

One of the most influential blues greats of all time is BB King. He reached many different walks of life and genres of music in his writing, as his songs were popular in blues, jazz, and pop… something that is a bit unusual for most musicians.

In this lesson you’ll learn some BB King licks, as he has a very distinctive style of playing that is worth studying. He loves stretching the strings, and has a unique vibrato too, which sounds great. When you’re stretching a string, you’re always stretching to another pitch in the scale.

The scale we’re using in this lesson is the B pentatonic minor scale – if you’re not familiar with that scale, check out the Guitar Scales section of this site. Also, when you’re done with this lesson, we’ve got more guitar riffs! If you’re really desperate for licks, I’d recommend getting serious and checking out our Beginner Blues Riffs course too, it’s a great resource!

Okay, so grab your guitar and get ready to learn some BB King licks!

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Too much talkyou need a lot more action ! Want to learn not talk !

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